Cascades Elementary Recognized as Grand Prize K-12 School

The Fall 2022 Education Design Showcase has been published and TMP is proud to announce that Cascades Elementary School is recognized as the K-12 grand prize winner in it! Highlighting this year’s most outstanding projects in education design, Education Design Showcase has been sharing innovative school spaces since 1999.

Cascades Elementary, a part of Jackson Public Schools, was a part of Jackson’s 2018 Bond Program that fulfilled the district’s goal of creating facilities that are innovative, welcoming, modern, and collaborative. As a result, Cascades is compact, color-coded, flexible, and versatile.

Cascades is featured on the cover of Education Design Showcase’s magazine, is identified as the Kindergarten-12 Grand Prize Winner on page 44, and described in more detail on page 47. TMP is grateful for this honor and is excited to share innovative designs that support the best possible learning environments for students.